Monday, June 6, 2011

Clay Jewelry from Gurly Things

Me and Kay over at Gurly Things did a little trade. She made me a few cute things out of polymer clay. And I was SO impressed. I have yet to use silicone for any of my polymer clay and I've been dying to.. Kay made me 4 items with silicone, and they're so adorable!

Thank you again Kay for all the extras and the beautiful clay charms. I was so excited to receive them, and you did such a great job. We can trade any time. ;)

Here's some photos of the things she made me.


All the clay items.

Adorable ice cream on a cone with some jewels.

Pie with a cherry on top.


Cell phone lanyard. Too cute!

Thanks again Kay, I appreciate it so much!! :)

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  1. aw thanks so much for this post! <3
    You made everything look so good! :3


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